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One thing that women want is for their lives to go as planned -married with kids by a certain age. And when that doesn't happen, they feel like they have failed. 

This 6-Week Bootcamp will help uncover those truths that you have about yourself and provide strategies on how to deal with those things that could negatively impact your personal growth and future relationships. The goal is to discover the “me” before “we”. 


"Singleness is not a deficit or a time of marriage preparation only."

Keisha Bass



A healthy mindset about where you are right now will give you peace of mind as you find ways to grow from your thoughts which will have an impact on your personal growth and future relationships.

I can not say enough how it has made such a huge impact on our lives, both personal and with our relationships.

Working on yourself a little more, before you can be anything for anyone else, is extremely important! We had prayer twice a week and an evening zoom session once a week! Single ladies ( not married) if you are serious about wanting to work on self, and or working towards being someone’s wife, 

Invest in your personal growth. Trust, it’s a lot to be worked on! Let’s be transparent.

I’ve personally sent it to a few of my friends, who have now already signed up!

Sierra, SC

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For so long, I have lived off I have to “BEAT” my past. I have to complete school because I was a high school dropout. I must get a college education because I am seen differently by others who are educated. I have to carry myself a certain way because of what others may think or say about me. I have to be married by a certain age or year of being in a relationship with someone because of what's perceived for relationships. ALL MYTHS-


Do you know who you are? Many people’s first thought would be yes BUT, do you really? Do you understand your mindset? Do you know what triggers those areas to affect your attitude? Do you understand how your baggage/past affects you now? What are your expectations for yourself and how you allow others to treat you? To me, that is beating my past!!!!


I have learned so many ways to overcome my M.A.Y.B.E!!

Brandi, SC

Are you ready to uncover your journey of finding me before we?


Keisha is the Founder and CEO of Her Dope Marriage. Her Dope Marriage is a platform dedicated to providing wives with inspiration to be a confident wife through wise counsel and strategies on how to be a wife of purpose and intentionality.

Keisha is the Creator of Marriage Maybe.  She created this Bootcamp because of her passion to help single women understand who they are in their singleness and confront those areas that could potentially prevent them from walking confidently in their authentic self.

She’s been married for over 31 years to Chris and has two adult children: Lakia and Chris.

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For the past 6 weeks, I had the privilege to be among a small group of beautiful ladies in this Marriage M.A.Y.B.E. course. It was absolutely amazing! Great dialogue, prayer and daily affirmations! She spoke life into each of us and gave us great nuggets on our single/dating journeys.

Felicia, SC

Marriage M.A.Y.B.E. is a bootcamp designed for that single woman looking to dig deeper into who she is becoming.  It’s designed for that single woman who’s in a relationship, but want a better understanding on what she wants from that relationship and why.  


If you are ready to uncover, discover and grow then this course is just for you. 

Heading 2

Heading 2

By the end of this bootcamp, you'll be able to:

Identify how mindset, attitude, your past, baggage, and expectations has impacted your personal growth

Gain a better understanding on how these six areas could potentially impact future relationships

Understand the importance of daily affirmations



Treated Silk








""The quality of your life depends on discovering who you are before there's a we"

Keisha Bass

I can not express how much this singles 6 week boot camp course, blessed my life.


This was a life changing course for singles that focused on five critical areas that impact personal and relational growth.

Working on self before you can be anything for anyone is extremely important! I am so thankful to have gone through this with God at the center! Prayer twice a week and 1 evening session each week! Ladies if you are single and seeking to be married or just want to work on self, this is definitely for you!

LaChe, SC

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This course has motivated me to dig deep and understanding my flaws.

I wanted something out of life, something great, something better and bigger than me! I knew it was more for me then what I had experienced and I was tired of settling!

So Marriage? Maybe, but for now the focus is all on me! This course help me to do just that, I realized I’ve always put myself last, definitely not good habit to have. I’m even learning what it really means to put myself first and not letting up on my true core values!

Sharon, SC

Are you ready to join the Marriage Maybe Bootcamp?

Are you ready to dig deep and uncover, discover and grow into the woman you are destined to be?

When you enroll today, you'll recieve:

6 workbooks 

Morning prayer 2 x week for 6 weeks

Group coaching 1 x week for 6 weeks

Daily affirmations sent directly to you




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